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The Purpose

Part of the HeroPress Network, Find It WP is one place where veterans and beginners can find global WordPress resources for free. It’s a cooperative WordPress resource archive with no barrier for entry aside from filling out the form.

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The Process

Have a WordPress resource you’d like to add? Just fill out the form!

The first submission also creates a user that you can use to update and edit any of your submissions. Both the first submission and the user have to be approved after the initial submission. Once both are approved, you will be able to enter as many resources as you’d like, as long as they follow the terms and conditions.

Resources will continue to be reviewed before being added to the site.

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How this works

Step 1.

Read the Terms and Conditions.

Step 2.

Fill out the form to the left.

Step 3.

Your resource is created as a draft, and held for approval.

A user is created for you with your first submission. That user is ALSO held for approval.

Step 4.

Once your user and resource are approved, you’ll be able to log into this site and update your resources anytime you need.

Step 5.

From here, you can go on to add other resources, as many as you’d like. Resources will continue to be reviewed before being added to the site.

Remember to follow the Terms and Conditions or they will be removed. User accounts that do not follow the terms and conditions can be suspended or removed.